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Chris Packham blasts 'idiots' who install fake grass as living in 'Barbie's Legoland'

Springwatch presenter, Chris Packham, 60, has blasted lovers of artificial grass, saying it creates a “desolate plastic wasteland”. The star responded to an advert on Twitter which claimed to have transformed a “wasteland” of a garden into a “luscious lawn”. The immaculate looking lawn incensed the BBC presenter who went on to blast artificial grass for the impact it has on wildlife.

From luscious biodiversity to desolate plastic wasteland

Chris Packham

In view of his 462,300 followers, the TV presenter responded to an advert claiming that laying down artificial grass resulted in a “luscious lawn”.

“Wrong,” he wrote.

“From luscious biodiversity to desolate plastic wasteland – but don’t worry, we don’t need wildlife do we?” he continued.

“We haven’t found solace in respite in the nature in our gardens over the last year have we?” (sic) he added.

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Chris Packham was incensed after an advert for fake grass claimed to result in a ‘luscious lawn’ (Image: ITV/ YOUTUBE)

Chris Packham highlighted the affect that artificial grass has on wildlife (Image: TWITTER)


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Continuing sarcastically, the presenter blasted those who choose to install the fake grass as living in “Barbie’s Legoland”.

“No, so just rip it up and live in Barbies Lego land then. Idiots,” he fumed.

The tweet in question which incensed the wildlife expert claimed to have turned a garden from a “wasteland” to “luscious lawn” through the installation of artificial grass.

“From desolate wasteland to luscious lawn in a day!” they tweeted, including before and after pictures.

Chris Packham went on to share a petition to his feed (Image: TWITTER)

Chris Packham is a favourite presenter of BBC show Springwatch (Image: PA)

Top 10 Twitter Accounts (Image: EXPRESS.CO.UK)

Fans flocked to comment on the presenter’s tweet, with many in support of the TV star’s views.

One wrote: “Totally agree Chris, I am deliberately leaving areas of my garden so wildlife can flourish.

“My neighbours have plastic grass and they hoover it! It looks so unnatural and unattractive, it’s the work of the devil!” they added.

Another penned: “Couldn’t agree more. We’re landscaping our garden at the moment and I was determined the new lawn would be real and the whole garden a haven for all wildlife.”


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However, others were less than happy with the Springwatch presenter’s stance on the debate.

One social media user admitted to having an artificial lawn after their real one was destroyed by their dog.

They wrote: “I have to admit to having one of these Chris. We have had it years and got it because we had a dog which ruined the lawn.

“I must admit it also stopped muddy paws coming in. I now understand the ramifications, but I wouldn’t change it now,” they added.

Another accused the star of “bullying” people and branded him the “garden police”.

“Who nominated you as garden police?” they wrote.

“Individuals have a choice which they are entitled to and should not be bullied by you, which is exactly what you are doing here.”

Chris went on to share a petition calling on the Government to introduce a new law requiring planning permission to be obtained before laying down artificial grass.

So far the petition has secured 9,232 signatures. At 10,000 signatures the government will respond.

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