Chris Paul: NBA players need more than two weeks before returning

Oklahoma City Thunder star Chris Paul stated players would need more than two weeks to prepare to play NBA games in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

The NBA has actually been suspended given that March 11 due to the COVID-19 crisis, which has actually eliminated a minimum of 184,100 people worldwide.

It stays to be seen whether the 2019-20 season will resume as the United States has a hard time to consist of the break out (more than 848,700 validated cases and more than 47,600 deaths amount to).

While the NBA stays dedicated to resuming the campaign, commissioner Adam Silver stated there is still no schedule for a possible reboot. Paul, who is president of the players association, made it clear that players do not wish to hurry back into action.

“I’m just letting you know — and I don’t think the league would do it anyway — but if they were like, ‘Hey, you got two weeks, and then we’re going,’ that’s not going to happen,” Paul informed press reporters on a teleconference Wednesday.

“Whatever the amount of time is, just know that players will have the input, the say-so, because we’re the ones playing,” Paul 34,added “That comes first. We don’t ever want to put guys in a situation where their injury risk is higher than ever before.”

Said Paul: “I get what we’re handling today, a great deal of hypotheticals, however I do not understand.

” This is the important things with having 450 players in the league and remaining in a circumstance like this, where some people have access to weight spaces, some people do not.

“Some guys have access to facilities where they can train or do this or can run. That’s why, whatever happens — and I say this, and I mean this — we always go back to the players.”

“We just want to play,” Paul continued. “We’re attempting to find out what that lookslike Now, I’m simply focused on playing, playing in some kind or style.

” This is a circumstance where nobody understands. The infection is really in total control. I seriously attempted to respond to things the very best I could, however there are things where it’s not like I have actually got the responses and I’m simply not informing you.”

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