Circular on Jewelers and Warnings Against Draining Syria’s National Wealth

The Jewelers’ Association in Damascus placed two seals on the jewelers to prevent counterfeit jewelery from being circulated to buyers or sellers, and warned against opening the door to gold smuggling and draining Syria’s national wealth.

Ghassan Jazmati, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association, said: “The Jewelers Association in Damascus has brought to the attention of its activities the need to check the presence of the seal of the association itself, as well as the seal of the jeweler (workshop) for each item received from the wholesaler or mobile seller.”

According to him, “to this end, a committee was formed, which began to conduct market tours to study the goods available to wholesalers and retailers.”

And my decision showed that the seizure of any object that violates the content of the circular, that is, that denies the presence of the seal of the association or the seal of the jeweler of the workshop, de jure means the confiscation of the offending goods and their transfer to the competent authorities, provided that the offender is legally liable as a result this arrest.

In the context of gold prices and its high price breaking all previous records, Jazmati said that the price is a true and even benevolent reflection of the reality of the situation, explaining that the price has risen globally by $10 to $1757 per ounce, not not to mention fluctuations in the exchange rate in the parallel market, which created a state of vibration in the fundamentals of pricing in general. Considering that this case will open the doors wide for gold smuggling, and hence the draining of the national wealth of Syria.

Source: Al-Thawra newspaper.