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Cities Skylines Update 11.00 – Patch Notes on January 25, 2022


Cities have released a new update for Cities Skylines Update 11.00. You can find out all the details of the Game Update, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes below. The Cities Skylines Update 11.00 is now available for download, for all platforms PS4 & Xbox. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

Improvements to PlaneAI

Airports presented a great opportunity to improve how planes behave. We have added more variation in how planes select a path, which leads to the use of multiple planes stands, not just for the new Airport Areas, but also the existing airports. And if you’ve ever encountered the bug causing airplanes to endlessly circle above your airport, you will be happy to know that it is fixed.

But it isn’t just the planes that have had their behavior updated, as the improvements also affect other public transport options bringing in passengers from outside connections. Beyond passenger and cargo planes, passenger ships and trains coming in and out of the city are less frequent, but have a higher passenger count when arriving, reducing unnecessary traffic.

Replace trees on roads
You can now replace trees on roads and pedestrian paths with any tree available in the game! To do so simply go into the Landscaping menu and find the tree you want to use, select it and click on a tree-lined network already placed in your city to apply the new tree. This is done per segment, so you can customize the networks you want with the many different trees. And the best part is this is free since the cost of trees is already included in the cost of the network!

And speaking of trees, the free patch includes14 new trees by MrMaison everyone gets to enjoy and use! From palm trees to pines to grasses and bushes, there’s something for every map!

Buy or sell soil
While we’re in the Landscaping category let’s look at some changes to how soil works! You still use and store soil as you landscape the terrain, but we have added an option to buy or sell soil making landscaping, and also creating Airport Areas, easier. No more running out of soil and having to dig a hole, or creating a mountain just to dispose of excess soil! Just click the new button in the Landscaping Info View active when landscaping or creating Airport Areas.

Service Vehicle Selection
Pairing nicely with the new vehicles by bsquiklehausen is the option to select which city service vehicles can spawn for Healthcare, Deathcare, Fire Department, Police Department, and Garbage. This is set per service building and the menu for this can be found by opening the respective service building’s Info Panel. The button to change vehicles is found in the bottom right, but it’s only visible if there is more than one vehicle to choose from.

This doesn’t just work with the Content Creator Pack, but any custom vehicles you may be using.

Pick your favorite vehicle or let the game randomize them all

As we prepare for the release tomorrow please ensure your seat is in an upright position and direct your attention to the patch notes below. Thank you for choosing Cities: Skylines Airports.

Last but not least check out the video tutorial by City Planner Plays and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more!

Patch notes for 1.14.0-f4

Airports expansion paid content:
  • Airport Area Tool
  • Airport Area levels
  • 3 Airport styles with new buildings and networks for each
    • Small Terminal
    • Small Two-Story Terminal
    • Large Terminal
    • Concourse
    • Concourse Hub
    • Control Tower
  • 3 Aircraft Stands
    • Small Aircraft Stand
    • Medium Aircraft Stand
    • Large Aircraft Stand
  • Unique Buildings
    • Aviation Museum
    • Airline Headquarters
  • City Airline
    • Manage ticket prices
    • Choose from 6 Airline designs
    • Customize airline names
  • New Cargo Airport buildings and networks
    • Cargo Terminal
    • Cargo Roads
    • Cargo Train Station
    • Cargo Aircraft Stand
  • New Runways and Taxiways
  • New Airport Decorations
    • Hangars
    • Parked Planes
    • Fuel Stations
    • Budget Airport Hotel
    • Luxury Airport Hotel
    • Airline Lounge
    • Airport Fence
  • New Airplane Vehicles and Types
    • 2 Large Aircraft
    • 3 Medium Aircraft
    • 3 Small Aircraft
    • 2 Cargo Aircraft
  • New Public Transport Buildings
    • Airport Bus Station
    • Elevated Airport Metro Station
    • Airport Train Station
  • New Public Transport Vehicles
    • Airport Articulated Bus
    • Airport Double Decker Bus
    • Airport Metro Vehicle
    • Airport Train Vehicle
  • 3 New maps
    • Asanu Beach
    • Hanami Bay
    • Noyou Port
  • New Chirps
  • 3 New Policies
  • 2 New Chirper hats
  • 5 New Steam achievements
Paid content On Air radio station:
  • On Air Radio DLC
  • 16 new songs
  • DJ content
Paid content Calm the Mind radio station:
  • Calm the Mind Radio DLC
  • 16 new songs
  • DJ content
Paid content Content Creator Pack: Vehicles of the World
  • Content Creator Pack: Vehicles of the World DLC
  • 21 Vehicles
Paid content Content Creator Pack: Map Pack
  • Content Creator Pack: Map Pack DLC
  • 8 Maps

Free update for all players and DLCs owners:

  • 14 new trees by MrMaison
  • Tree replacement tool on roads and paths with decorations
  • City service vehicle selection available from building panel
  • Landscaping: Increased soil storage size, soil can now be bought and disposed of for money
  • Fixed bug that caused planes to get stuck flying in circles indefinitely
  • Improved plane spawning logic to better match the amount of planes created to plane passenger numbers, this fix applies also to trains and ships in similar instances
  • Fixed: Citizen editor does not save citizen LODs

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