Cities Skylines Update 13.01 – Patch Notes on March 23, 2023

A new update has been released for Cities Skylines Update 13.01. You can find all the Game Update details, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes below. Cities Skylines Update 13.01 is now available for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

Added to Base Game:​

  • 8 Years Birthday Plaza
  • 6 New Metro Trains
    • Metro – Capacity 450
    • Metro – Capacity 360
    • Metro – Capacity 240
    • Metro – Capacity 120
    • Metro – Capacity 500
    • Metro – Capacity 250
  • Train – Capacity 240
  • Suburban Fence
  • City Quay
  • 5 New Trees by MrMaison
  • 4 New Roads
    • Three-Lane One-Way Road with Bus Lane
    • Four-Lane Road with Wide Sidewalks
    • Four-Lane Road with Wide Sidewalks and Grass
    • Four-Lane Road with Wide Sidewalks and Trees
  • 2 New Transport Hubs
    • Harbor-Bus Hub
    • Multi-level Metro Hub
  • 3 Decorative Parking Lots
    • Small Decorative Parking Lot
    • Large Decorative Parking Lot
    • Multistory Decorative Parking Lot
  • New Build Menu Sorting Filters:
    • Filter Roads By:
      • One-way vs two-way
      • Decorations
      • Public transport lanes
    • Filter Public Transport Hubs By Transport Type
    • Filter Content Creator Pack Unique Buildings
  • New Build Menu Search Option

After Dark (added to paid content):​

  • Black Taxi Cab

Snowfall (added to paid content):​

  • Metro-Tram Hub with Road
  • Bus-Train-Tram Hub

Natural Disasters (added to paid content):​

  • Articulated Evacuation Bus – Capacity 100
  • Disaster Response Air Base
  • Higher Capacity Police Helicopter Depot
  • Higher Capacity Medical Helicopter Depot
  • Higher Capacity Fire Helicopter Depot

Mass Transit (added to paid content):​

  • 2 New Monorail Vehicles
    • Monorail – Capacity 120
    • Monorail – Capacity 240
  • 4 New Ferries
    • Ferry – Capacity 10
    • Ferry – Capacity 20
    • Ferry – Capacity 30
    • Ferry – Capacity 40
  • 9 New Roads
    • Asymmetrical Five-Lane Road
    • Asymmetrical Seven-Lane Road
    • Monorail Tracks on Four-Lane Road with Trees
    • Monorail Tracks on Six-Lane Road
    • Monorail Tracks on Six-Lane Road with Trees
    • Asymmetrical Three-Lane Highway
    • Asymmetrical Three-Lane Highway with Barriers
    • Four-Lane Two-Way Highway
    • Four-Lane Two-Way Highway with Barriers
  • 2 New Transport Hubs
    • Harbor-Bus-Monorail Hub
    • Harbor-Ferry Hub

Mass Transit (added to paid content and unlocks when you also own Snowfall):​

  • 2 New Roads
    • Monorail Tracks on Two-Lane Road with Tram Tracks
    • Monorail Tracks on Six-Lane Road with Tram Tracks
  • 3 New Transport Hubs
    • Monorail-Tram Hub with Road
    • Metro-Train-Monorail-Tram Hub with Road
    • Ferry-Tram Hub

Paid content Content Creator Pack: Shopping Malls​

  • 1 New District Style
  • 53 New Low Density Commercial Buildings
  • 6 New Unique Buildings
  • 10 New Props

Paid content Content Creator Pack: Sports Venues​

  • 12 New Unique Stadiums
  • 10 New Parks
  • 1 New Metro Station
  • 4 New Props

Paid content Content Creator Pack: Africa in Miniature​

  • 11 New Unique Buildings
  • 2 New Monuments
  • 2 New Parks
  • 3 New Service Buildings
  • 2 New Props
  • 9 New Growable Buildings

Paid content 80’s Movies Tunes Radio Station:​

  • 15 New Songs
  • DJ Content

Paid content Jadia Radio Station:​

  • 16 New Songs
  • DJ Content

Paid content Punk-Pop Radio Station:​

  • 16 New Songs
  • DJ Content

Improvements to the game:​

  • Station track networks & prop moved from Train Stations CCP to the base game
    • Metro Station Below Ground Bypass
    • Metro Station Below Ground Dual Island
    • Metro Station Below Ground Island
    • Metro Station Track Elevated Bypass
    • Metro Station Track Elevated Dual Island
    • Metro Station Track Elevated Island Platform
    • Train Station Track Elevated Bypass
    • Train Station Track Elevated Dual Island
    • Train Station Track Elevated Island
    • Train Station Track Ground Bypass
    • Train Station Track Ground Dual Island
    • Train Station Track Ground Island
    • 4LaneRailwayPowerline
  • Added “New Game” option to Pause menu
  • Added missing text to Content manager
  • Added city imports and exports to City Statistics
  • Added TrolleybusTrailerAI
  • Added option in the asset editor to disable seagull spawning for park buildings
  • Added capacity text to all public transport vehicles
  • Added keyboard shortcut for selling and buying shares
  • Added missing template for oil extractors
  • Added submesh variation selection added for growable buildings
  • Added search field for save games
  • Added cache for workshop items details. Updated not more than once a day for mods and once a week for assets
  • Added automatic suffixes to road elevations for newly created roads to avoid duplicate errors
  • Multiple assets can now be enabled or disabled at the same time in Content manager
  • Bus lanes are now visible when Bus line tool is selected
  • Trees on quays are no longer affected by shoreline effects
  • Vehicle upkeep rebalanced to include base cost + multiplier for passenger capacity
  • Improved Large bank and Stock Exchange LOD models
  • Improved framerate when Economy panel is open
  • Improved framerate in Main menu
  • Improved assembly resolver that should improve mod compatibility and troubleshooting
  • Rebalanced forest fire spreading
    • Forest fire spreads with noticeably less probability
    • Forest fire burns with slightly less intensity
    • Fire helicopters can carry twice as much water as before
    • Fire helicopter has a larger fire fighting rate
  • Stadiums get the full prize money if there is only one or the events are on separate days, but the prize is split if the event is on the same day.

Bug fixes:​

  • Fixed: No building fires without Natural disaster DLC
  • Fixed: Traffic routes for pedestrians & cyclists are invisible
  • Fixed: Missing trailers on metro assets when spawned on overground or ground metro station tracks
  • Fixed: Steam achievement Creator cannot be unlocked
  • Fixed: Problems unlocking the Steam achievements “We Have a Winner!” & “The Underdog”
  • Fixed: Vehicles getting stuck at cargo train station (internal cargo trains)
  • Fixed: Elevation steps are missing when building paths
  • Fixed: Small improvements to processing facility to fix that it cannot be completely filled with materials
  • Fixed: Emergency services do not use bus-only lanes of highways
  • Fixed: Various road prop-related issues
  • Fixed: Fishing industry info view in Scenario editor without Sunset harbor
  • Fixed: Industry specialization zoned buildings can have incorrect icon for Abandonment
  • Fixed: Service Vehicle Selector unavailable for some buildings
  • Fixed: Incorrect thumbnails in Content manager → Styles
  • Fixed: “Int16 out of bounds: <number>” when saving game
  • Fixed: Sorting transport lines by name doesn’t work when combining letters and numbers
  • Fixed: Opening Lines Overview from Intercity Bus Station Info Panel opens Sightseeing Bus Tours tab
  • Fixed: Chirper Balloon Tours upkeep isn’t reflected in the Budget panel
  • Fixed: Several localization issues

After Dark-related fixes:

  • Fixed: Taxis never finish their shift and never use a taxi stand

Snowfall-related fixes:

  • Fixed: Telemetry for Tram Depot fails

Natural Disasters-related fixes:

  • Fixed: Bus line tool is unavailable in By The Dam scenario despite bus depot being placed
  • Fixed: Natural disaster dlc’s Evacuation bus is missing left-hand traffic version

Mass Transit-related fixes:

  • Fixed: Difficult to place Helicopter stop to Metropolitan Airport
  • Fixed: Metro-Monorail-Train Hub does not receive intercity trains

Parklife-related fixes:

  • Fixed: Loading a save with Park Areas updates the park area visitor count to show different value

Industries-related fixes:

  • Fixed: Forestry Industry has the option for “Conifer” but conifer trees are not available in all biomes
  • Fixed: Materials can be delivered to storage buildings that are set on empty mode and even if there is another storage nearby with balanced mode
  • Fixed: Warehouses and Storage Buildings import resources excessively and then immediately export the resource on balanced mode

Airports-related fixes:

  • Fixed: Airport Cargo Train Station only accepts outside trains to one track
  • Fixed: Airport Terminals do not always get visits from needed Service Vehicles
  • Fixed: Airline HQ does not get any visitors
  • Fixed: Visitors to Airline Lounge invisible
  • Fixed: Cargo Aircraft Stands receive aircrafts after removing the terminal
  • Fixed: Great Maintenance Chirp is missing text

Plazas & Promenades-related fixes:

  • Fixed: Elevation steps missing when pedestrian streets are selected from the pedestrian area menu
  • Fixed: Buildings at the edge of pedestrian area do not have “Not in pedestrian area” notification
  • Fixed: Garbage buildings fail to send any vehicles when Pedestrian area does not have enough garbage service points or the truck capacity is full
  • Fixed: Monorail Station with Road placed next to a pedestrian street causes pathfinding issues to pedestrians
  • Fixed: Plazas & Promenades props are in incorrect order
  • Fixed: Citizens only travel to next bus stop when using Pedestrian streets with bus-only lanes
  • Fixed: Sunken Plaza Shopping Mall has foundation/incorrectly UV mapped parts
  • Fixed: The Four-lane road with bus lanes allows bus stops to be placed at tunnel entrances/exits
  • Fixed: Parallel Underground Metro Station platform difficult to connect to tracks

Roads & Vehicles-related fixes:

  • Fixed: Bus stations cannot be connected to bus lines when placed on Six-Lane Road with Tram Tracks, Bus and Bicycle Lanes
  • Fixed: Buses are invisible in left-hand traffic city
  • Fixed: Trams Capacity 132 and Capacity 72 get “squashed” at stops
  • Fixed: Some Roads & Vehicles roads with bicycle lanes have z-fighting sidewalks
  • Fixed: Four-Lane Road with Decorative Trees and Bicycle Lanes has extra traffic lights
  • Fixed: Trams ride below speed limit on six lane roads
  • Fixed: Trams have headlights at the back of the vehicle

Financial Districts-related fixes:

  • Fixed: Investments can be bought even if player cannot afford them
  • Fixed: Financial districts props missing text in Editor
  • Fixed: Financial Office specialization cannot be removed from a district
  • Fixed: Healthcare and Deathcare investments are swapped

Fixes for Content Creator Packs:

  • Fixed: Map pack 2 map Windling River has unusable train outside connection
  • Fixed: Map pack 2 maps Bay of Rivers and River Delta have incomplete junctions in intersections
  • Fixed: Heart of Korea buildings have misaligned textures

Modding-related fixes:

  • Fixed: 16bit, 32bit and gif thumbnail images for workshop items cause issues with the workshop
  • Fixed: “Mod was not made for current game version” is not localized
  • Fixed: LOD issue with custom road tags
  • Fixed: “GetPluginsInfo()” causes null reference exception
  • Fixed: Missing nodes for networks with pavement width of 0
  • Fixed: Custom-made helicopter propellers are not working correctly
  • Fixed: Custom roads have a random number added to their names causing them to disappear from saves
  • Fixed: A network tag count is assumed to be exclusive but is inclusive
  • Fixed: Submesh variations do not show as expected when there are additional submeshes
  • Fixed: Custom cargo airplanes are invisible

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