City of Dreams Resort Opens in Limassol, Cyprus: Europe’s Largest Luxury Hotel

City of Dreams Resort: Europe’s Largest Luxury Hotel Opens in Cyprus

On Tuesday, the City of Dreams resort opened in Limassol, in southern Cyprus, a luxury hotel billed by its operators as “Europe’s largest” while aiming to attract an additional 300,000 tourists to the country.

A Grand Opening and Impressive Features

And the director of real estate for this huge project, American Grant Johnson, said during the opening ceremony that “this complex is the largest of its kind in Europe,” as it consists of 14 floors, including 500 rooms and suites, each of which overlooks the city and the sea, as well as long and winding pools, as well as sports facilities and an open airstrip.

Boosting Cyprus as a Premier Tourist Destination

Lawrence Ho, chairman of Melco Group in Hong Kong, which is behind the project, explained that the complex “gives Cyprus the potential to become a leading tourist destination” after three years of construction and an investment of more than 637 million euros.

Lawrence believes the project will “enable Cyprus to expand into new markets in Africa and the Middle East”, noting that the idea of ​​building a resort in Limassol came to him when he visited the coastal city 16 years ago to attend a wedding.

Cyprus Competing in Luxury Tourism

The same source said it sought to build “a hotel that James Bond would like to stay in”, pointing out that “Cyprus is now poised to compete with Europe and the Middle East in luxury tourism”.

Accommodations for the Elite

A luxury hotel was designed to accommodate wealthy guests with room rates ranging from 425 to 2,300 euros per night during the tourist season.

Economic Growth and Employment Opportunities

The complex, the first Melco to open outside of Asia, employs 2,000 people.


With the opening of the City of Dreams resort, Cyprus is making its mark in the luxury tourism industry. The impressive features, strategic location, and high-end amenities ensure that Cyprus will attract a significant number of tourists in the years to come. It is an exciting time for the country, as it expands into new markets and competes with other renowned destinations in Europe and the Middle East.

Source: AFP

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