Clashes between shepherds.. 4 dead and a burned village

Eyewitnesses clashes took place between Arab tribes of shepherds and other African tribes in a village near Nyala, the state capital of South Darfur, Amore village and village was burned down, four citizens were killed and three others were injured. in addition to two other people killed on Wednesday and Thursday.

Subsequently, another person was also killed in these clashes, which spread to nearby villages, whose shops were looted and partially burned, according to the same source. A medical source confirmed to AFP that 20 injured patients have been transferred to Nyala hospital.

Tribal clashes are repeated in the Darfur region, which has been experiencing a state of instability since 2003 due to the conflict that began after armed groups belonging to African minorities took up arms against the Arab-backed government in Khartoum, which claimed that the region was marginalized politically and economically According to the United Nations, the conflict has left 300,000 dead and 2.5 million displaced.