Cleverly hidden.. Washington is after the riches of the Russian oligarchs

It appears that the US administration is having a hard time finding the wealth of wealthy Russians on its soil, especially as they resort to the most skilled lawyers to disguise themselves.

However, US prosecutors are investigating ways to access the frozen assets of these wealthy people in the US for confiscation.

In recent months, they have sent out hundreds of court summonses in an attempt to uncover real estate, financial accounts and trust funds of Russian citizens and then confiscate them, informed sources told The Wall Street Journal.

While the security services are looking for documents that can help them solve thorny puzzles related to property rights.

cleverly hidden

However, at the same time, US officials face great difficulties in the process of searching for “hidden” assets thanks to the skill of experienced lawyers, accountants and financiers, which makes the process of confiscation and transfer to Kiev very complicated.

Furthermore, the US administration has been happy to get legal cover by asking Congress to expand its powers to seize Russian assets and send them in Ukraine, where current legislation restricts the capabilities of officials in this field.

Especially since confiscation means transferring ownership of assets to the State, while freezing prevents their use by the sole owner!

What trinket did rich Russians use to survive the sanctions?

Interestingly, these efforts are part of multiple efforts by the West to find new sources of military support for Ukraine and the country’s reconstruction.
Since February, the West has frozen more than $330 billion of Russian assets, of which about $300 billion are reserves of the Central Bank of Russia held in foreign bank accounts.

While a large share of the remaining money belongs to business people and includes companies, bank accounts, yachts, planes, real estate and jewelry in a number of countries in Worldwide.

Since the launch of the Russian military operation on Ukrainian territory on February 24, the West has sided with Kiev, supporting it financially and militarily, imposing thousands of sanctions on Russians and freezing millions of its assets abroad.

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