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Climate change could lead to the extinction of the polar bear

Geoff York, spokesman for the environmental organization Polar Bears International, said that global warming could lead to the disappearance of polar bears in the Arctic.

In an interview with Euronews, the spokesman points out that due to global warming, polar bears do not receive the necessary food, which leads to starvation, as every day the bear loses two kilograms of weight.

According to him, such a situation could lead to the almost complete extinction of this species of animals.

The TV channel points out, explaining that due to global warming, the melting of ice in the Arctic is accelerating, which is the natural habitat of these predators that prey on seals, which are their main source of food. But in the conditions of the accelerated melting of the polar ice and the reduction of their area, the bears are forced to migrate to the continent, where they are unable to provide the necessary amount of food, which negatively affects their reproduction.

“The polar bear is on the verge of extinction, and this should be of interest to everyone. Because the evolution of the state of biodiversity in the Arctic objectively assesses the health of the planet, ”says Cornell University climatologist Flavio Linero.

It should be noted that the polar bear is the largest predator on Earth. He spends most of his life at sea among floating ice. According to the World Wildlife Fund, the area of ​​the Arctic ice sheet has decreased by more than 30% in recent years, which could lead to a two-thirds reduction in the number of bears in the near future.

Source: TASS


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