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Drought, rising sea ​​level and melting ice caps transform the geopolitical map at the same time die from China rise and revanchist Russia tests the borders of American power.

To drive met the news: This dynamic, outlined in the first-ever National Intelligence Estimate (NOT) on climate change, released last month, played out this past week at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow. President Biden reprimanded China’s Xi Jinping for fail to show up of present new obligations.

Why it matters: US Intelligence Reviews show climate change is threatening military assets and open new fronts in the great-power competition define the 21st century.

  • Biden has tried to place the “existential threat” of climate change central in the centre of to be national safety policy, while simultaneously citing China as the “largest geopolitical challenge” facing The United States
  • Those two priorities are inseparable met interconnected: China is the world’s biggest resource of CO2 emissions, and the collaboration is critical to avoid some of the worst effects of global pre workout.

Details: the NIE, die was mandated in Biden’s first week in office, explains out three main risks to the US national security interests until 2040.

1. Geopolitical Tensions will intensify if countries debate who bears the responsibility to act — and who doesn’t do enough to combat climate change.

  • Chinese officials have refused to agree to US requests on climate until the Biden administration drops its rhetoric on Beijing’s Human Rights Violations and Aggression Against Taiwan.
  • Some Chinese officials also point to the fact that industrialized countries have far higher cumulative emissions, and have accused the US of Politicizing the Climate Agenda to Squeeze China’s Economy growth.

2. The global map itself is physically changing, establishment new limits for competition and exacerbation of transboundary flashpoints.

  • Melting sea ice in the Arctic will create new shipping routes, free up oil and mineral resources, and smooth the way for more economical competition.
  • The risk of military confrontation of miscalculation will also grow, while the US and China look to strengthen their presence in An region dominated by Russia.
  • In the Indo-Pacific, die the Biden administration has identified as the new global Centre of strategic rivalry, sea level rise and more frequent extreme events will put key military assets Bee riskthe Pentagon said: in An new climate risk analysis.
  • Growing water and scarcity of resources would the dormant tensions in China can turn with India – another budding global power and a key US partner – in an outright conflict.

3. The Effects of the climate crisis will be felt most acutely in develop countries, die will depend on humanitarian aid and foreign investment to strengthen their resilience.

  • China already has a strong foothold in many sub-Saharan African and Asian countries, and continues to increase its influence via the Belt and Road infrastructure initiative.

It comes down to: Tackling climate change while remaining competitive with strategic rivals is not a zero-sum game, says John Conger, a former senior Pentagon official who supervised energy installations and the environment during the Obama administration.

  • He compared it met chess match in die players sitting opposite each other must navigate through a changing board.
  • “Like you start losing squares of win, that’s part of the whole picture,” Conger told Axios. “And they’re none of them… of this.”

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