Closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games

The closing ceremony of the 16th edition of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Paralympic Games, hosted by the Japanese capital from 24 August to 5 September, will officially take place today, Sunday.

And the Japanese capital, Tokyo, hosted the Paralympics for “disabled people”, which was postponed for a year under strict restrictions to avoid the Corona virus outbreak, two weeks after hosting the 2020 Summer Olympics, with great success.

Japanese authorities have banned the participation of fans in the Paralympic Games, as the country records a number record of Corona virus infections, despite strict measures and the state of emergency in different areas.

About 4,400 athletes participated in the Paralympics, competing in 22 sports, including two new types, badminton and taekwondo. Most sports are common in the Olympics and Paralympics, such as athletics and swimming.

China is in leads the general classification with 207 medals (96 golds, 60 silvers, 51 bronzes), followed by Great Britain in second place with 124 medals (41 golds, 38 silvers, 45 bronzes).

The United States of America finished third with 104 medals (37 golds, 36 silvers, 31 bronzes), so the Russian Olympic Committee finished fourth (in terms of gold medals) with 118 medals (36 golds, 33 silvers, 49 bronzes).

Below is the ranking of the nations participating in the “Tokyo 2020” Paralympic Games, after today’s races, Saturday 4 September 2021 (according to the gold medals).

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