Clubhouse launches the Wave function.

Clubhouse has added a new feature to facilitate automatic social gatherings and meetings with friends. And the new Wave option lets you notify your connections when you’re active in the chat app.

And if they’re interested, you can start a smaller private room, where you and your friends can break away from more focused discussions about the main topics in the rooms.

The platform said: More than 700,000 rooms are created here every day. Many of these shared moments that you know and love. But often it’s the little private moments between friends that put smiles on faces.

The Wave option caters to these use cases, which see audio social now expand in chat more private, providing another way to stay in contact with friends, in any time, which can be ideal for our still limited interactions.

And with Wave, you can invite friends in a live sound room with a flick of a fluttering emoji. Once they receive the invitation, they can choose to join the call and immediately add them to the audio room.

To send a wave, swipe right through the lobby or tap the dots icon in bottom left of the screen, the company said. Then click the wave button next to the person you want to chat with. And they get a notification greeting them and they know you’re available to chat. And if they are, they can enter in a private room with you open only to the people you greeted. You can keep it in a social circle, introduce friends from different groups to each other or open the larger room and make it all for everyone.

Clubhouse wants to attract friends in voice chats

If someone doesn’t respond immediately, you can continue using Clubhouse as you normally would. The company also says, to avoid confusion, if you have the app in execution in background, you will not be immediately dragged in a room if someone answers.

The platform seems to want to encourage more casual, social, and micro moments in its app, which recently appeared to be associated with professional dating-based experiences.

It is reported that at first the audio app social it caused quite a stir and everyone asked to attend when they needed an invitation to do so. But many users lost interest after the invitation restrictions were lifted.

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