CNN insists “on” car’ killed six people at the Wisconsin Christmas Parade

Despite multiple media sockets that are hammered for blame the Waukesha Christmas Parade massacre on a vehicle rather than his black driver – a murder suspect – CNN continued to blame “a car” for the mass killing.

Repeated criminal Darrell Brooks was killed six people he is wounded more 60’s when he plowed an SUV during a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, last week. Although Brooks was arrested and charged with six counts of murder, media the outlets that cover the massacre apparently have made a point of avoiding naming the suspect, instead blame vehicle and calling the killing revelry “crash” or an “accident.”

Amid the outrage of conservatives, the Washington Post last week he deleted a tweet calling the incident to “tragedy caused from an SUV “, but CNN maintains its position. In a tweet on a memorial event in Waukesha on Sunday, the liberal network said the city was “marking one week from to car drove through a city Christmas parade “.

Inside the article, only the final paragraph mentioned Brooks as the “Suspected driver. “

The tweet led to an instant outburst of contempt and mockery from the right. “Will we ever do it? know the carla motivation? What did he do? car post on social media? What type of the background did car to have?” former US diplomat Alberto Migues Fernandez sarcastically joked.

“Waukesha SUV accused of six counts of murder” read a title on an article by The Babylon Bee, a conservative satirical outlet.

Wisconsin authorities are still investigating the murders, but so are the politicians . media the outlets have already been accused of trying to focus attention away from Waukesha. Wisconsin Senators Tammy Baldwin (D) and Ron Johnson (R) released a joint declaration on pleading saturday “outside individuals or groups “ not for “Exploit the tragedy” for political gain. No further details were provided.

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