CNN: The disappearance of the Taliban leaders confirms the fact that they are in the movement in internal disputes course

The American network CNN has claimed that the leaders of the Taliban movement do not appear in occasions and do not allow interviews with them, and many of them move in secret, which feeds rumors about their health conditions and internal differences between them, especially after the movement announced that its leader will appear in public, but did not do so amid speculations about his health.

The American network felt these rumors have gained so much momentum recently that movement spokespersons have avoided answering questions about the news of the injury or death of his government’s first deputy prime minister, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar. in a battle with the Haqqani network, in Kabul last week.

39 second audio recording, mediocre quality

CNN indicated that it released a modest-quality 39-second audio recording, along with a handwritten blog by its assistant, and didn’t post any photos or videos, which also fueled speculation, noting that last time that was seen was in a passing apparition in a hotel in Kabul in week The first of September.

Akhundzadeh will arrive soon

Taliban officials also said Akhundzada would soon appear in public, but he didn’t, which also sparked rumors that he was sick or even dead, according to the American network, which found that “in this feverish atmosphere, everything that arises from a conflict or a clash between Not much will be known about the elements in competition of the group, “he said, noting that the” intrigues “occurring within the movement and its decision-making process are very” opaque. “

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