Coalition: two explosive boats destroyed in Saleef

The Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen announced targeting and destruction on Wednesday evening Two boats of the Houthi militia Al-Salif area, Hodeidah.

The coalition said the two boats were destroyed on Monday after a careful intelligence operation on hostile Houthis activity.

He also confirmed that the two booby-trapped boats were intended to disrupt sea navigation.

It is noteworthy that the coalition announced on Monday the destruction of two explosive boats of the Houthi militia in Salif and thwarted an imminent attack.

End the Houthis threat

On Thursday, the Yemeni president stressed, Abd Rabbuh Mansour HadiOn the importance of ending the threats posed by Houthi militias to the security of the Red Sea and to international navigation.

Hadi also called for these violations committed by Iranian-backed militias to be pushed back, both by spreading naval mines indiscriminately, and by targeting ships with unmanned boats, as well as by hitting cities and ports, the latest of which was the disaster that struck. the port of Mocha.

This happened during his meeting with the United Nations envoy in Yemen, Hans Grundberg, in which the two sides discussed the prospects for a political solution and the approach to follow to reach one pace lasting and just in Yemen.

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