Colin Smith: Sales record of tickets for the World Cup in Qatar is the most successful “hospitality” program in history

Doha: Colin Smith, Executive Director of World Cup Operations, confirmed that Qatar is at the height of preparation to host the first World Cup in Middle East, almost a month after kick-off on November 20. The countries that have achieved the highest percentage of ticket sales are led by Qatar, the United States of America, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Inheritance held a press conference to talk about the final preparations and preparations for the start of the World Cup races. The conference was attended by Nasser Al-Khater, CEO of the World Cup, Engineer Yasser Al-Jammal, General Director of the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, Fatima Al-Nuaimi, Executive Director of the Communications and Media Department of the Committee, and Colin Smith. Smith presented many numbers and information confirming Qatar’s availability, noting that the focus is always on stadiums and training fields: “We have provided more than 168 major competition sites that facilitate the task of hosting the tournament, and there are many issues related to transport, hotels and ai media. “And other organizational issues and everything works successfully in all sites and facilities for volunteers, as well as broadcast sites. “As for ticket sales, Colin confirmed that two million and 800,000 tickets have been sold so far and that the countries that have achieved the highest percentage of sales of the tickets are led by Qatar, then the United States of America, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and there are many countries that will participate with a large percentage, such as England, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Germany and France , which are the countries that have bought the most tickets in Worldwide. He added: “Starting today (Monday) two ticket sales centers will be opened and fans will be able to visit these centers and get all the information.” Colin pointed out that the hospitality program turned out to be the most successful in the history of the World Cup, in how much more than 240,000 hospitality packages were provided, considering that this constitutes a “record”, with a rate of 73% internationally, and this demonstrates the great demand for parcels, while 37% of parcels have been sold within the state of Qatar. Smith explained:” Regarding the cards of accreditation, we have created a successful system and have received more than 188,136 accreditation applications and have completed 63% of applications so far and 11 special centers will be assigned to distribute card accreditation to professionals media. He continued: “For the fans, everyone from all over the world is welcome to enjoy the atmosphere in the stadiums and entertainment centers, and everyone will appreciate the exchange of culture and hospitality. in Qatar. “Colin Smith continued:” We are working side by side with the Qatari authorities and putting the finishing touches on the infrastructure and banners, and will work to integrate issues for each of the guests, fans, reporters and all parties. . better. “Colin Smith invited everyone to respect the culture of Qatar, the organizing country, which has distinguished itself in this exceptional edition of the World Cup ”. He added: “We have set up in FIFA is a body that works with all participating countries and we are working closely to make the preparations and preparations to provide all comfortable options for guests, and we have made visits to hotels and representatives of the teams attended to test the sites and our interest is not limited only to stadiums ”. Smith indicated that thearea of Fan Fest will be available for everyone to enjoy games and other musical events. He also pointed out that the “Haya” card has seen a significant increase in the percentage of applicants to obtain it and use it to reach stadiums and use the benefits it offers. in particular that the proximity of the distances offers many opportunities for spectators to follow more than one match a day. Smith explained that the Lusail Super Cup was a good opportunity to test and ensure that things run smoothly during the World Cup. He pointed out that people with special needs have a seat in stadiums and there are rooms for sensory stimulation and they have designated seats because the World Cup is for everyone. (Dpa)