College Football Odds: Ohio State a Clear Favorite Playoff; end point in the CFP rankings for grabs

Ohio is close to becoming the favorite to win the playoffs in football

The state of Ohio continued its recent dominance in Michigan last weekend, winning the Buckeyes for the 15th time in the last 16 years. The Buckeyes turned it around after a first quarter close, beating the Wolverines 42-14 over the final three frames to beat that school Up North 56-27.

This victory established the Buckeyes as a team to win this season, according to oddsmakers, resulting in the State of Ohio’s chances of winning the national championship to fall to +150.

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The CAP Selection Committee ranks Buckeyes No. 1 last week and as long as Ohio State remains the top team in the nation in the eyes of the committee, it will be the favorite to win it all. There is a significant gap between the top three teams in the country and everyone else, so whichever team wins the first seed in college football football will have a significant advantage over the other two undefeated teams.

This makes college football league week extremely important for reasons beyond obvious.

While Ohio State, LSU and Clemson have done enough to win a point in the CAP, even with losses on Saturday, all three teams want to claim the top seed to avoid the other two best teams in the country.

Which team is in line to win the No. 1 seed after the championship week?

Defending national champion Clemson is stuck in hole no. 3 due to his weak conference and the Tigers will need Ohio State and LSU to lose both to win the first seed.

The Tigers have the easiest weekend conference title game, though, as they are favored by ACC Coastal champion Virginia with a whopping 28.5 points on Saturday night. The ACC Atlantic champion has won this game each of the last eight years and Clemson has claimed four consecutive crowns.

The Dabo Swinney Tigers have won their last two ACC Championship games with a combined score of 80-13, so there is little chance of Clemson losing, but they need some help to be the top seed.

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LSU, however, could surpass Ohio State as the No. 1 team in the country with a dominant victory over Georgia in the SEC Championship game. The Tigers ranked first just two weeks ago and have the most impressive resume in terms of quality of their wins.

LSU became the first team in college football history to win four top 10 places this season, and can boast of its potential future Trois Heisman winner in Joe Burrow.

However, chances are a bit lower for this team, placing LSU behind Ohio State and Clemson in terms of favorites to win the national championship.

Who will win the last position in the CAP?

There are four teams in contention for the final point in College Football that enters the championship weekend. Georgia has the lowest odds of the four remaining teams, as the Bulldogs are the only team in the group to control their own destiny. A win over LSU in the SEC Championship game will guarantee the Bulldogs of Kirby Smart a spot in the final four, clearing the way for the other three teams out of contention.

Utah is considered to have the advantage over the Big 12 champion for the CAP end point, and Utes’ performances reflect that sentiment. They are 20-1 to win the CFP, and could stand a better chance of hitting the Ohio State because of their excellent seven forward. The Utes have the No. 1 defense in the country against any potential metric, and this has led Utah to move quickly from -2.5 against Oregon to -6.5.

Oklahoma and Baylor are racing for the Big 12 championship at noon on Saturday, but the winner will probably need some help to reach the CAP.

Conservative races in recent weeks have undermined their chances of gaining the benefit of the doubt in the eyes of the selection committee, and the dreaded non-conference bears plate means that this team has no chance of winning the nod over Utah. Along those lines, Baylor is 150-1 to win the national championship this year.

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