Colliers in arab: to invest in office property is still feasible

In an interview with “Al Arabiya” on the sidelines of the “Cityscape” exhibition, Chris Pelegram, Head of Global Markets at Colliers, confirmed that in some areas it is still possible to invest in office properties, in light of the significant growth in properties that contain more housing units or The Multi Family.

He added that the markets are still seeing plenty of opportunities for new investors in Office sector in the main marketsFor example, in London it is still possible to build long-term rental offices with an income of 15 years and a 4% return on investment.

He believed that many investors today are diversifying their investment portfolios, not only geographically, but also in various sectors.

He said: “We see great growth in the real estate sector which contains more than one residential or multi-family unit. 40% of real estate sales. in America have been in this industry for the past twelve months, and the same has been the case in Great Britain and Australia. “

He pointed out that there are many opportunities in this type of property at the institutional level, starting from the construction phase up to the delivery of the final product, explaining that the American market is very advanced in this sector and we see growth in some European countries such as Germany and the Netherlands, as well as Australia and Great Britain, where people are always faced with a shortage of properties that can be bought from office properties.

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