Columbus Blue Jackets coach John Tortorella tricks NHL staff over poor watch management

Columbus Blue Jackets coach John Tortorella has issued a frustrating shake-up to the championship and championship games after his team lost 3-2 to the Chicago Blackhawks on Sunday.

Tortorella directed his disdain for how employees handled the watch overtime. After punishing the Blackhawks for having too many men on the ice, the watch seemed to continue running shortly after the hammer was blown. The clock was not returned to the clock. Columbus’s Zach Werenski went on to score what appeared to be the winner of the game, except that the time had expired shortly before the bar crossed the finish line.

“The whistle goes off at 19.2 on the clock for some reason the clock runs under one second and one tenth at 18.1 Whatever the cause, I have no idea what it is,” Tortorella said during a post-game press conference. . “So instead of restoring the clock, we have them say to our captain, ‘We’re not going to do it. “[The NHL’s office in] Toronto is not coming in, they are not doing their freak job and now we are losing the game and losing our goalkeeper.”

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Blue Jackets goalkeeper Joonas Korpisalo was injured during the shootout and was replaced by Elvis Merzlikins, which would not have happened if he had set Werenski’s goal.

“So the chain of events, if done right, we don’t lose our goalkeeper [and] win the hockey game,” Tortorella added. “So, all this glorified technology, right? Technology and proper operation … the accusation tonight from officials and the league, and Toronto, though, is supposed to work, eyes out, it’s ridiculous.”

Tortorella ended the press conference without asking any questions and did not provide any information on Korpisalo’s condition.

Columbus took the lead 2-0 in the third period and allowed a final 12:27 of regulation to score a pair of goals to force overtime.

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