“Come back in Africa” The statement excluding a French representative from Parliament

On Friday, the French National Assembly approved the exclusion of a deputy from the far right for 15 days, after he made statements considered racist and sparked a wave of anger, and Congressman Gregoire de Fornas said the sentence on Thursday ” Back to Africa ”during a speech by the representative of African origin Carlos Martins Bilongo, who spoke in Assembly For the “tragedy of illegal immigration” it is the most severe disciplinary sanction possible, while the deputy Grégoire de Furnas was deprived of half of the parliamentary allowance for two months.This representative of the National Assembly, led by Marine Le Pen, admitted to having launched the phrase “Come back.” in Africa “during a speech by the representative of African descent, Carlos Martins Bilongo, who was talking about the” tragedy of illegal immigration “in front of the members of the National Assembly.

Then de Fornas categorically denied any racist character in his words, stressing that it was the “Ocean Viking” humanitarian ship that had been stranded. in sea with 234 migrants on board, and not by Carlos Martins Bilongo, representative of the radical left (Proud France).He also denounced what he described as “manipulation of the party” aimed at attributing “disgusting statements” to him. addressed to the government, in a rare decision made by Assembly President Yael Brown Buffet.