Commander of the Azov Battalion in arab: There is a long way to go before the fall of Mariupol

In an exclusive interview with Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath, the commander of the Ukrainian Azov battalion, Sergey Korotkich, said that the forces inside the Mariupol “Azovstal” plant will fight to the last.

Korotkich stressed that the war could be long and the Ukrainians will have to live with this reality.

The leader of the Azov battalion denied that Mariupol had fallen into the hands of the Russians, pointing out that there was still a long way to go before the city fell, he said.

Korotkich explained that there are many bodies under the rubble in Mariupol, pointing out that it is impossible to send teams to recover them due to the continuous bombing.

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Korotkekh added: “This war will most likely be a long one. We must learn to live in war conditions. There may be times for a respite and a break in fierce battles The war will last a long time for a simple reason because no party has achieved its goals since the war. Moscow and Putin live. “With humiliation, he wants to reconsider and hates Kiev and Ukraine after what happened if they were fighting at first . Now they use a scorched earth policy, and their goal is not just to occupy the earth, but to cross this earth after it has been completely destroyed ”.

This comes when the governor of the city of Mariupol stated that the future of war in Ukraine depends on the fate of the city.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry had announced plans to take full control of the Donbass and southern Ukraine as part of the second phase of military operations.

The ministry confirmed in a statement that he also intends to put in security a corridor to the Crimea.

On the ground, the Russian defense said yesterday its forces bombed 58 military targets in Ukraine.

The Russian defense explained that Ukrainian weapons and equipment were destroyed in thearea of the railway station “Myliorativnoy” with Kalibr missiles.

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