Commander of the Russian operation: Kiev is mobilizing its reserves in first line

The commander of Russian operations in Ukraine, Sergei Sorovikin, announced Tuesday that Kiev is mobilizing its reserves in first line.

“We are not looking for rapid progress in Ukraine, but rather reduce civilian casualties, “he said, noting that the Russian army forces in Ukraine are in a tense situation due to a counterattack launched from Kiev, following several major setbacks in the east and south.

He also confirmed to the TV channel “Russia 24” that the Russian army is preparing to evacuate the residents of Kherson, the capital of the Russian-annexed region in southern Ukraine, and said: “There is information on the possibility of Kiev regime using methods of warfare prohibited in the region “.

“The Russian army will ensure the safe evacuation of residents” from Kherson, where Ukrainian attacks on civilian infrastructure “pose a direct threat to people’s lives,” he added, noting that the situation in city ​​is “extremely difficult”.

In turn, the pro-Russian governor of Kherson announced the decision to relocate the residents of some cities on the other bank of the Dnieper River.

Hit air and ground targets

In addition, Sergei Sorovikin said that the air force carried out more than 34,000 sorties and used more than 7,000 aircraft-guided weapons.

He said the latest hypersonic “Dagger” air-to-air missiles proved effective in hitting targets.

He added: “The fifth generation Su-57 aircraft performs multifaceted tasks in each sortie to hit air and ground targets “, noting that more than 8000 sorties were carried out by drones and more than 600 elements of the Ukrainian forces were destroyed by attack drones.

Interestingly, Russian forces have intensified their attacks on Ukrainian lands since last week, in particular in Kiev, in what was considered a response to the attack on the Crimean bridge, which connects the Russian mainland to the peninsula that Russia annexed in 2014.

These attacks also came after the Russian army stumbled across the north and east of Ukraine, and also in the southern regions, in the face of the counterattack launched by Ukrainian forces weeks ago to recover dozens of areas they had was in the hands of the Russians for months and have made significant progress in many points before cooling down.

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