Commodore 64 revival in original size, according to the manufacturers

The Commodore 64 was thrown back with a small tribute last year. Now, the 1980s workhorse for PC games is getting a full-size model – meaning it has a working keyboard and function keys. They were meant to be an illustration of the smaller version released last fall.

Other features and enhancements of the full size THEC64 (as the device is called) include audio scaling to keep the sound reproduction as close as possible when the THEC64 program is executed at a refresh rate different than expected. The full-size C64 displays the full video output of the PC in a full 720p image on each monitor the player uses.

The full size C64 can be preordered in Europe via Indiegogo and will soon be delivered there. Not a word yet, when this version comes to North America. Launched last October in the US and Canada, the Mini C64 is currently available for $ 32 on Amazon.

The C64 has two modes: the 40-column C64 front-end and the 22-column VIC-20 emulator with bold text. Owners can load their own programs with multiple-disk compatibility. Much more is available on the THEC64 website.

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