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company founders "piontic" Designed for the most famous vaccines "COVID-19" Cancer Vaccine Launch Date Announcement

It appears that cancer vaccines will be available by around 2030, according to a group of German scientists, the couple behind the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine, one of the most effective vaccines against Covid-19.

Uğur Şahin and his wife Özlem Thurize, co-founders of the German biotech company BioNTech in Mainz in 2008, which partnered with Pfizer to produce a vaccine against COVID-19, said: coming years.

if you are want to study more about BioNTech’s vision, here great Part of the BBC. @bbclaurakwe hope we can continue the conversation soon! https://t.co/CP2XtoXaQ3

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Speaking on the BBC’s Sunday with Laura Kenzburg, the duo said they “feel like a cure for cancer or changing the lives of cancer patients is within our reach”.

Commenting on a possible timeline, Shaheen said cancer vaccines could become publicly available “before 2030”.

However, Torrisi said, “As scientists, we’re always hesitant to say we’re going to have a cure for cancer,” though she hinted that her company has made “a number of breakthroughs that we’ll continue to work on.” .”

Professor Torrisi added how messenger RNA (mRNA) technology could be reused in Biontech’s Covid-19 vaccine to prepare the immune system to attack cancer cells instead of being invaded by corona viruses.

The messenger RNA technology in the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine works by transferring the genetic instructions of the harmless spike proteins found in the Corona virus into the body. Instructions are received by cells that produce the spike protein. These proteins or antigens are then used to tell antibodies in the immune system and other defense mechanisms what to look for and attack.

Torrisi showed that the same approach could be used to prepare the immune system to seek out and destroy cancer cells. Instead of a code that identifies viruses, the vaccine contains the genetic instructions for cancer antigens (antigens).

The scientific team pointed out that one of the possible outcomes of the epidemic is its help in accelerating the invention of a cancer vaccine.

Torrici went on to say that scientists “learned how to make better and faster vaccines” and gained a deeper understanding of how the immune system interacts with messenger RNA.

Unlike traditional vaccines, which are made with weaker forms of viruses, messenger RNA (mRNA) technology uses only the genetic code of the virus. And when messenger RNA enters the body, it also enters its cells and instructs them to produce the appropriate antigens, a tactic that helps teach the body to find and attack cancer cells, Torrisi explained.

The German company hopes to develop treatments for colon cancer, melanoma and other types of cancer, but it still faces major hurdles, including the fact that the cancer cells that make up tumors can be filled with many different proteins, making it very difficult to task. make a vaccine that targets all cancer cells without healthy tissue.

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