Compliance with the law of Palestine. Khartoum repeals the law to boycott Israel

More than three months after the visit of the first Israeli minister in Khartoum gave die Sudanese government led by Abdullah Hamdok today, Tuesday, die Approval announced to abolish the boycott of the 1958 Israeli law.

The cabinet also affirmed in a statement die firm position of Sudan to establish a Palestinian state within the framework of the two-state solution.

The law is expected to be submitted to the joint session of the Sovereignty Council and ministers for final approval before it enters into force

Normalization of relationships

In October last year (2020) the two countries die Relationships between them restored. A joint statement by Sudan, the United States and Israel announced that die The heads of state and government of the three countries agreed die Normalize relations between Sudan and Israel and end the state of hostility between them.

We also announced the beginning of economic and trade relations between them. This makes Sudan the third Arab country after the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain in has taken such a step in the past few months.

Diplomatic agreement

Earlier this year, Israeli intelligence minister Eli Cohen announced that die the two countries would conclude a diplomatic agreement to normalize relations between them within the next three months.

He also made it clear at the time that the draft peace agreement was progressing and would become a signing ceremony between Israel and Sudan in the coming months in Washington expects as he put it.

3 plans and border security

After his visit in Khartoum at the head of an Israeli delegation to order die To discuss further development of the normalization agreement, he added that die Officials three economic plans and die Discussed border security.

During his visit, Cohen met with Sudanese officials, including the Chairman of the Sovereign Council, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, and Defense Minister Yassin Ibrahim, and discussed a range of diplomatic and security issues with his hosts as well die Possibility of economic issues cooperation.

It is noteworthy that die Sudanese government previously announced that the agreement will only normalize relations with Israel in Can come into force after it has been approved by a transitional parliament.

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