Composed of 10 points.. What is the plan of pace of Zelensky to end the war?

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is enthusiastically promoting a plan of pace in ten points that he discussed with US President Joe Biden and others, and he is urging world leaders to convene a summit of pace global based on that plan.

What is the plan of pace in Zelensky’s 10 points?

Zelensky first announced his formula of pace in occasion of a G20 summit in November. The plan includes:

1- Radiological and nuclear safety, focused on restoring safety around the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, the Zaporizhye power plant in Ukraine, subject to
Currently under Russian control.

2- Food security, including the protection and guarantee of exports of Ukrainian grains to the poorest countries of the world.

3- Energy security, focusing on price restrictions on Russian energy resources, as well as assisting Ukraine in the repair and rehabilitation of electrical infrastructure, about half of which has been damaged by Russian attacks.

4- The release of all prisoners and deportees, including prisoners of war and child deportees in Russia.

5- Restoration of Ukrainian territorial integrity and assertion of the same by Russia according to the Charter of the United Nations, in a clause Zelensky called “non-negotiable”.

6- Withdrawal of Russian forces, cessation of hostilities and restoration of the borders between Ukraine and Russia to their previous state.

7- Justice, including the establishment of a special court to hold war criminals from Russia accountable.

8- Prevent the annihilation of the natural environment and the need to protect the environment by focusing on the removal of mines and the repair of water treatment plants.

9- Prevent the escalation of the conflict and build a security structure in the Euro-Atlantic space, including guarantees for Ukraine.

10- Confirmation of the end of the war by signing a document of all interested parties.

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What is Zelensky’s proposal for a summit of pace global?

In December, Zelensky urged the leaders of the Group of Seven major industrial nations to back his plan to hold a pace global in winter focused on the plan of pace “in its entirety or on some specific points in particular”.

What is the world’s reaction to the plan?

Russia has rejected the proposals of pace of Zelensky this month and Moscow confirmed it will not give up any territory it has seized, which now makes up about a fifth of Ukraine and it says it has already annexed.

Today, Wednesday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed that Russia will not conduct negotiations on the terms of others, stressing that any proposed pace must recognize the annexation of the four regions.

Zelensky has made strenuous diplomatic efforts to present his plan to world leaders, including Biden, French President Emmanuel Macron and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose country currently chairs the Group of Twenty.

Western military support for Ukraine has reached billions of dollars, led by Washington, and countries have also rushed to help it remove mines and repair electrical infrastructure. But the reactions to the plan pace of Zelensky and his proposal to hold a summit of pace they were more cautious.

During Zelensky’s visit to Washington on Dec. 22, Biden said in public statements that he and Zelensky share “the same vision” for the pace and that the United States is committed to ensuring that Ukraine can defend itself.

The leaders of the Group of Seven major industrialized nations have pledged to find the pace in Ukraine “consistent with its rights enshrined in the United Nations Charter”.

The secretary general of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, said the chances of holding talks soon of pace they are scarce.

He added in late December: “I think the military confrontation will continue and I think we will have to wait more for a moment in which serious negotiations will be possible pace”.

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