Conan Exiles PC Hotfix Update – Notes on the patch on June 4th

Funcom released a new PC update for Conan Exiles. The last update brought some bugs in the game, which are now in course fixed.

The patch contains crashes and freezing issues, in particular for fix the problems with teleportation. So there’s not much to say, just check out the patch Notes.

Notes on patch by Conan Exiles on June 4th | PC only

  • Solved and issue with player teleports (death, character creation, admin teleport, map rooms, etc.) corrupted environment .pak file.
  • The problem is solved ability to load mod map files when creating a custom single player game.
  • Fixed a problem crash related to loading in a map with a huge list of models.

We have it information from the official Vapor website, right here.

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