Conan Gray Feels Totally Lost In His New Video For ‘The Story’


It’s been several months now considering that Conan Gray stopped by the MTV News workplace for a brief, yet impressive three-song set, and life for 21- year-old singer-songwriter has changed a lot considering that then. Now, less than a week later on, he’s back with a thought-provoking and melancholy video to match.

The video begins with Gray roaming aimlessly before hitching a ride on the back of a pickup. As he strolls through a seemingly deserted town (and later, a seemingly abandoned property), he sings of all the unfair things he’s seen in this world, from the results of bullying and self-hatred to a worry of being your 100 percent authentic self. And though he appears despondent and like he’s lost hope as he wanders lonesome dirt roads, he knows that it’s “not the end of the story.”

With completion of the video comes a pointer that, while it may seem like it often, we are never genuinely alone. As more people begin to appear, it ends up being clear that they, too, are trying to browse the complexities of life. And just like Gray, they are merely looking for who it is that they actually are.

Just like the tune and its video, Gray said in a statement that his upcoming album “is a study of how I perceive the world.” The LP will also offer fans a more in-depth look at his personal life, from life on the roadway to learning to accept who he is.

” I talk a lot about my good friends and people I have actually met visiting over the previous year,” Gray included.

In an Instagram post announcing Kid Krow, Gray also stated that he’s thrilled for his fans to find out things about him that he’s never ever exposed prior to. “I state more on this album than i’ve ever stated in my life and I can’t wait to inform you all of my secrets,” he composed. “Love y’ all.”

If you enjoy “The Story” and its corresponding visual as much as we do, fear not. There’s so far more coming our method. Kid Krow will be out on March 20, and until then, we’ll likely be watching this video on repeat.

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