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Confusion at Khartoum Airport . passengers, die Arrived without a corona examination

The Sudanese Federal Ministry of Health said that an African Airlines flight from Mitiga, Libya, arrived in Sudan with 258 passengers, 40 of whom die Did not meet health conditions (13 did not have a test COVID-19 PCR or screening are not acceptable.

The Ministry shared in a press release on Friday that a number of passengers attacked health workers at Khartoum Airport before 14 passengers fled, causing confusion at Khartoum Airport while 13 others were in the process of transferring Libyan plane passengers in Have fled quarantine centers.

The quarantine department at Khartoum airport has also begun criminal proceedings against die seize injuring passengers.

In addition, the ministry urged all comers in the Sudanese territories, die adhere to preventive conditions and confrontation measures Coronavirus Including a PCR test at least 96 hours before departure from the destination.

And she stressed that she would not negligently take all legal measures die die Improve workers’ safety during their work.

It has also been confirmed that all legal action will be taken with one of the airlines die not to die Adhere to health procedures and requirements, and die Endanger health conditions in the country.

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