CONMEBOL criticizes FIFA

The South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) has criticized the attempts of the International Federation (FIFA) to organize the World Cup every two years, saying that “it is not justified from a sporting point of view” to shorten the interval between major tournaments.

In a strong statement similar to the European Union’s rejection of this proposal, CONMEBOL said that organizing the World Cup every two years would reduce the quality of the tournament that is currently held once every four years.

“The World Cup once every two years could distort the most important football competition in the world, diminish its quality, undermine its exclusivity and its standard currently difficult, “he said in his statement.

“It will be a virtually impossible burden to manage in the international competition calendar,” he added, “… In the current circumstances, it is difficult to coordinate timing, schedules, logistics and adequate preparation of equipment and commitments.”

“It will be difficult with the proposed change,” he continued. It could compromise the quality of other tournaments, at the level of club and teams, … There is no sporting justification for shortening the period between the World Cups. “

The Confederation stated that while in previously was open to repeatedly hold the World Cup, technical analysis showed that the proposals were “in largely unachievable “.

He continued: “Therefore, in the current circumstances, it supports support for the current World Cup model, with its terms and classification mechanisms, considering that it is in in line with the spirit of the founders of this competition “.

The Swiss president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, promised that a decision would be made at the end of the year in that sense, that of abandoning “many senseless games”.

However, FIFA’s proposals met with many objections, in particularly by Slovenian European Union (UEFA) President Aleksandar Ceferin, considering that this plan would “weaken” the World Cup, while the World Leagues Forum felt it “undermined” the players’ well-being.

The idea of ​​organizing the World Cup once every two years, which seemed in vain in the 1990s, was launched in early March by former Arsenal manager and current FIFA development director Arsene Wenger, and opposition parties emerged strongly this week.

FIFA launched one “studio of feasibility “proposed by the Saudi Federation for the game.

According to Wenger, the idea would be to organize the finals every summer from the 2025-2026 season, alternating the World Cup and continental tournaments such as the European Cup and Copa America, with the qualifiers grouped together. in a month: October, or two. months: October and March.

Wenger avoided the risk of overloading international players a little more, in how much they would have made fewer long trips and would have benefited from “at least 25 days” of rest after the summer competitions with their national teams.

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