Connect all your devices together .. How to change your email with an Apple account

An Apple account is one of the most important tools that owners of various Apple devices should use, as it links all of their devices together. The account also provides the most important features that Apple users need and increases the compatibility between different Apple devices.

As a result, users need to remember account login details such as email and password.

Connect all your devices together .. How to change your email with an Apple account

But some users may want to change their email to a new one they use or to make an account more secure.

You can change your Apple account email in two ways:

Change your Apple account email via their site web

Before signing out of your account or changing your account, make sure you have a backup copy of all your devices.
You may lose data on your phone if you remove or edit the email without making a backup.

You can change your account management email via the site through the following steps:
• Go to the Apple account website via the following link, then enter your Apple account information.
• The site will automatically take you to your account settings, where you can change them as you wish.
• From here, you can choose your login details and account protection.

• Next, click on the Apple account selection under which you will find the old email.
• A window appears asking you to enter the new email you want to associate with the account.
• Next, you will find a message sent to your e-mail confirming your choice to change the electronic account if you wish.

You have to go directly to your old email and then choose the message that came to you and confirm that you want to change the email.

Change mail via iPhone

The method isn’t much different than editing the email via Apple’s website and you can do it by following these steps:
• Go to your phone’s Settings app, then choose your iCloud account by clicking on your profile picture.

• Next, click on the name, phone number and email details from the top of the list.
• Then click the edit button at the top of the email window, then click the delete button next to the email.

When you see a confirmation window that you want to delete the email, accept it and enter the new email you want to use.
You must confirm the change of mail by opening the email of the old account, then confirm it by entering the code you receive on it.
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