Conor McGregor donates over $1M to coronavirus relief

Conor McGregor is contributing over $1 million in medical products to health centers, after making an enthusiastic plea motivating Ireland to enter into “full lockdown” to combat the spread of COVID-19

The UFC star exposed his promise in messages sent out to Irish political leader Paschal Donohoe, who connected to McGregor and asked him to continue his message of social distancing.

“Today I am purchasing myself, 1 million euro worth of personal protective equipment to be deployed to all the fighting hospitals in the Leinster region,” McGregor stated to Donohoe. “Our most affected region, to this date.”

He added, “St. James. Mater, Tallaght, Beaumont. Vincent’s. Where we would be without these brave men and women? I do not know. May God bless over them and keep them safe!”

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McGregor then informed Donohoe that he believes the federal government requires to take more action to safeguard individuals.

” We need more systems on the street to impose this lockdown Pascal! It has actually been too lax! Structure websites need to be closed. They are open for what? We can constantly construct once again after this. In every method. We should put Health prior to Wealth. I appreciate you, and your team and I think you are doing as excellent a task as you potentially can. I have actually been impressed by all. As has the country. I feel like we are relocating properly, it simply feels to me like it is not all the method.

” I advise all the method! ‘All in’ is the term we should utilize here. Bit by bit will cost us lives. To see what is occurring here in Ireland and all throughout the whole world, is heartbreaking to me. I hope. God speed Minister and thank you for the message, and your service to our country.”

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