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Conservative Party: Only 3 candidates are eligible to replace Terrace

A maximum of three Conservative MPs can contest the Conservative Party leadership race to choose a successor to Liz Terrace before MPs, and possibly party members, make their decision, under the rules introduced by the Conservative Party on Thursday.

Majority official Graham Brady told the press that “candidates will need the support of at least 100 members” out of 357 Conservative MPs.

Favorable votes must be collected by Monday at 14:00 local time (13:00 GMT).

Hence, the MPs have to agree on two names that the 170,000 party members have to decide by vote online by Friday, October 28, or on a name with immediate effect as prime minister.

This process is much more selective than the one following Boris Johnson’s resignation in July, when eight candidates were allowed to stand before MPs who rejected six and party members were given six weeks to vote and choose between the two finalists.

“We have tightened the criteria, but any serious candidate can reach them,” explained Graham Brady.

No candidates have officially presented themselves yet. Among the figures expected to be named are former finance minister Richie Sunak, minister Penny Mordaunt, former interior minister Suella Braverman, who resigned from the government on Wednesday, and Boris Johnson, who, according to the newspaper “Times”, is considering a candidacy in the “national interest”.

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