Constant pressure … America targets a Russian military supply network

In a new attempt to put pressure on Moscow for its military operation in Ukraine, the United States imposed new sanctions on Russia on Wednesday, targeting a network that Washington accused of buying military and dual-use technologies from American companies and providing them to Russian users.

The US Treasury said it had imposed sanctions on Russian citizen Yuri Yuryevich Orikhov, who it accused of being a procurement agent, and two of his companies, according to Reuters.

increasing difficulties

Meanwhile, Deputy Treasury Secretary Wali Ademo explained that the sanctions and export restrictions imposed by the allies have put Moscow facing growing difficulties in securing the “inputs and technologies” needed for its war.

He also added in a statement: “We know that these efforts have a direct impact on the battlefield, because Russia’s sense of desperation has prompted it to resort to outdated equipment and to use inferior suppliers of products,” he said.

Thousands of harsh punishments

Interestingly, since the launch of the Russian military operation on Ukrainian territory on February 24, Western countries, led by the United States, have imposed thousands of harsh sanctions on Moscow, covering all commercial and economic sectors, as well as Russian politicians, ministers and rich people.

The United States also seized nearly $ 600 million held by Russian authorities in American banks, making it difficult for the first time to repay its international debts.

In addition, the Central Bank’s assets were frozen to prevent it from using its $ 630 billion foreign exchange reserves, and major banks were cut off from the “SWIFT” international financial correspondence system.

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