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“Constitutional” rejects calls for National Assembly elections in Kuwait

Kuwait’s Constitutional Court ruled on Wednesday that appeals related to the 2022 National Assembly elections cannot be accepted, as they were held without capacity.

The Kuwait News Agency quoted a court statement, in which he claims to have settled his judgment on the appeals at his sitting today, on the basis that the appeal is to be brought before this court by the interested party himself or by someone expressly authorized by him to contest the election on his behalf, within the legally prescribed period.

He added that this entails and requires that the power of attorney be expressed, clear and clear, indicating that the power of attorney is authorized to contest the election before this court on behalf of the client and that the power of attorney allows the establishment of the recourse to the election of members of the ‘National Assembly for the year 2022 without changing that the power of attorney includes the right to represent the client. Before the Constitutional Court, in nor does this indicate that the appellant explicitly delegated him to contest these elections on his behalf.

“Kuwaiti Constitutional” rejects the request to stop the elections

He pointed out that this reality continued beyond the expiry of the deadline set for electoral appeals, and therefore the appeal, and the case is like this, was filed without a quality that should not be accepted.

Elections for the Kuwaiti National Assembly were held on 29 September in 5 constituencies, according to the single vote system, to choose 50 members from 305 male and female candidates.


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