Conte: The mouse technique has caused massive damage to Tottenham

BERLIN: Italian coach Antonio Conte accused referee VAR of causing serious damage to Tottenham after Harry Kane’s goal was canceled in the fifth minute of injury time in which the English drew 1-1 with Porto in Champions League in Wednesday evening. Conte stressed that the referees’ decisions are in favor of the major teams more than Tottenham. The referee disallowed Kane’s injury time goal after using the VAR technique, delaying Tottenham’s qualification for the round of 16 of the continental league. “Towards the end, I think the ball was in front of Kane and the goal was right, I don’t understand the VAR technique,” Conte told BT Sport. “It’s very difficult to comment on this decision and on the mouse, I think it does a lot of damage,” he added. “I want to see if it is in another stadium or with another great team, it is possible to cancel this type of goal, I want to know “, said Conte.” I see so many injustices, I don’t like this type of situation, I don’t see anything positive “, he concluded. Count. (Dpa)