Continental Nations Cup: Confederation of African football rejects Tunisia’s protest and relies on its defeat against Mali

Yaounde: The Confederation of African Football (“CAF”) announced Thursday evening, Friday, the refusal of the Tunisian team’s protest against the end of the match against Mali before the original time in the first round of the African Cup of Nations Group F competitions in Cameroon, counting on the loss of zero of the “Eagles of Carthage” 1. “After examining the protest of Tunisia and the report of all match officials, the organizing committee decided to reject the protest of the Tunisian team and approved the result of the match 1-0 in favor of Mali “, said the Confederation in a note. In a strange and rare incident, the match saw a controversial end when the Zambian referee, Jani Zikazoi, blew the final whistle at 89:42 minutes before the original half time, knowing that it is obvious and predictable that there will be time. instead of lost, amid strong objections from the coaching staff and the players of the Tunisian team. However, the ruling was not appealed. He also did so in the 86th minute, announcing the end of the match, before realizing he had made a mistake and completing the confrontation. This ending angered the Tunisian coaching staff and the players, and coach Munther Al-Kabeer approached the referee, pointing to his watch, and telling him that time was not up yet, but to no avail, before the referee staff went out with a security escort. A few minutes after the players entered the dressing room, one of the assistant referees returned and the two teams were called up again. in field to complete the confrontation, and while the Malian players returned, their Tunisian counterparts did not return. A CAF official told AFP that the match was supposed to end, with three minutes left, but the Tunisian team did not return. in court, prompting the referee to stop it. (AFP)