Continued progress south of Marib . and heavy losses in the ranks of the Houthis

In the past few hours, the Yemeni armed forces have made new advances in the field in the southern front of the governorate of Marib, during which the Houthis have inflicted dozens of dead and wounded and destroyed various mechanisms belonging to these militias.

The commander of the Al-Juba front, the commander of the 143rd Infantry Brigade, Brigadier General Theyab Al-Qibli, said the army and people’s resistance forces fought fierce simultaneous battles with artillery and air strikes against reinforcements. and Houthi rallies.

Al-Qibli also confirmed the liberation of military sites near the strategic Mala’a Mountains, the most important of which are the sandy veins adjacent to Jabal Al-Faliha and Qarn al-Bor, amid heavy losses suffered by the militias.

He also pointed out that the victories and advances on the pitch in the entire theater of military operations on the southern fronts of Marib will continue to free the center of the Juba district from the grip of the militias.


He added that the army and people’s resistance forces, after the liberation of Jabal al-Faliha and the sandy veins adjacent to it, had tightened the noose and completely cut off the supply lines to the Houthis at Umm Rish training camp, and were in capable of purifying strategic military sites in view of its restoration.

For its part, the Yemeni Army Media Center has released a video clip of one side of the clashes between the forces of the National Army and the Houthi militia south of Marib.

Interestingly, since February 2021, militias have stepped up their attacks on Marib, which is rich in oil and gas, despite all the international and UN warnings about the dangers facing the lives of thousands of displaced people. However, the army forces confronted him, launching qualitative operations against the Houthis more than a month ago.

Currently, around 3 million people live in the city of Ma’rib, of whom around one million have fled from other areas of Yemen.

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