Contra launches the slogan “discipline first”

Romanian coach Cosman Contra of Al-Ittihad launched the slogan “discipline first” technically and behaviorally, and this principle began to be applied, referring Fahd Al-Mawlid, the star of the international team, to unilateral training under supervision of one of his assistants, clearly indicating his exclusion from the team list in departure to meet Al-Hazm tomorrow, Thursday, at the opening of the group, tenth of the championship.

At the same time, he stressed all the players with tactical discipline, and whoever does not stick will find himself out of the formation.

Contra’s decision and lesson from the team was reflected in the performance of the players during training, as seriousness and discipline appeared during the last training sessions.

On the other hand, it was confirmed that Saud Abdel Hamid was absent from the team’s squad against Al-Hazm, as he joined the Olympic team, which is preparing for Asian Cup qualifiers, which means transfer Muhannad Al-Shanqiti serves at the right-back position, and using Hazem Al-Zahrani as left-back.After the Al-Shabab match, to check his safety after the impressive confrontation with the Al-Shabab striker Ighalo in the last round match.

Contra is expected to make changes to the main lineup in front of Al-Hazem and distribute the roles between forwards and forwards, to restore the offensive strength, which they have lost in the last two games.

Abdulaziz Al-Bishi is likely to return to the starting lineup, giving Niakati more time to participate, especially since Al-Bishi and Niakati made a good offer during their last attendance.

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