Controversy after the arrest of a young man who takes exams on behalf of the Egyptian national team striker – (Tweet)

Cairo – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: The arrest of a young Egyptian who was taking an exam in place of the attacker of football Egyptian, Mustafa Mohamed, in one of the institutes sparked controversy on Egyptian streets. According to investigations, the young man was discovered after he refused to show his personal identity at the request of observers in the committees, which raised suspicions about him. Shabramant High School Principal Abu El Nomros announced the cancellation of the first semester exams of student Mostafa Mohamed, the Egyptian national team striker, after another student was arrested who impersonated him to support the exams. – Eslam Magdy (@eslammagdy) January 25, 2022 The facts indicate that the young man, later found not enrolled in the registers of the institute, applied to take the mid-term exams in place of the star of the Egyptian national team who is in Cameroon to compete in qualifications for the African Nations Cup, and is enrolled as a student at the institute. He pointed out that in addressing the young man, he confessed to having committed the accident, pointing out that he was a friend of the player, and that he had a Bachelor’s degree. of Arts, and that this is the third academic subject in which he takes the exam on his behalf. Tuesday, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Egypt released a statement on the details of the incident, indicating that the investigation is still ongoing in course by the Prosecutor’s Office. He confirmed that he is pursuing the investigation in course by the institute in about the circumstances of this incident and the results will be announced upon completion. The iq of the striker of the Egyptian national team, the whole country knows it is in Cameroon and sold one in its place to take the exam. – Amr Ahmed (@ amrO27med_) January 25, 2022 Mostafa Mohamed is currently in Cameroon to participate with the Egyptian national team in the Africa Cup. Egypt is preparing to face the Ivory Coast on Wednesday in the final price of the Nations Cup. Imagine this is the intelligence level of the Egyptian national team striker who will play Ivory Coast on Wednesday – ahmed el ghandour (@ ahmedelghandou4) January 24, 2022