Conv / rgence: A League of Legends story is Riot Forges action platformer

At the Game Awards, another League of Legends title called Conv / rgence: A League of Legends Story was awarded as part of Riot Forge.

This game focuses on Ekko, an inventor who has found out how to travel seconds after second. Conv / rgence is another single-player game, though it’s an action platformer where Ekko explores the streets of Fence, an undercity of pollution and crime. The game is under development by Riot Forge and Double Stallion Games and will be released for PC and console.

This follows an earlier announcement on Ruined King’s A League of Legends Story, a turn-based single-player game in Bilgewater.

Riot Forge is the new publishing brand of Riot Games, which develops other games for the League of Legends universe in collaboration with other developers. Riot Games is already working on a fighting game, an action RPG and a card game, Legends of Runeterra, which is integrated in the universe of the league, as well as a new IP first-person shooter.

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