Convocation of leading figures in the case of the explosion at the port of Beirut

The judicial investigator, Judge Tariq Al-Bitar, has returned to resume his work a year and two months after his exclusion from the Beirut port explosion case, on the basis of a sensational legal jurisprudence that took by surprise by form and time. the interdiction of the judicial investigator is the suppression of a site that had been established by ministerial decree, so that the judicial investigator does not need authorization to prosecute the defendants, being essentially authorized to carry out tale task.

Perhaps the most important event in the decision to go back to the forensic investigator was his willingness to sue in trial a group of political, security and judicial figures for questioning as defendants.

It was reported that the defendants included the Director General of Public Security Major General Abbas Ibrahim and the Director General of State Security Major General Tony Saliba, and notifications were sent to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Cassation Court, in so that the defendants would be asked to investigate next week, as reported.

In this context, judicial sources reported that Judge Bitar’s first step was to prosecute 8 of those responsible for the explosion at the port of Beirut, including the director general of public security and the director general of state security, and those who had previously asked for permission to prosecute them but did not obtain it, there are 3 magistrates who have already called the Public Prosecutor’s Office to prosecute them.

According to judicial sources, Bitar will soon launch a case against a senior magistrate for the failure to fulfill his duties of removing nitrates from the port of Beirut, which caused its destruction.

The sources also pointed out that Judge Al-Bitar has now been cleared of answering more than 20 requests that have been inundated with him by the defendants of the blast who refused to appear before him, knowing that he resorted to jurisprudence when he sensed that there was a serious decision to appoint a substitute judge to shift the course of the investigation in favor of those who hinder its mission.