Cooking in Quarantine: Saransh Goila on connecting through food

I began cooking when I was 12 years of ages for a really easy factor – the happiness people would share over a great meal was unequaled and I simply wished to add to that feeling. Today, the scenario we are in advises me of why I began to prepare prior to it became my business and my enthusiasm altered to my occupation. 

While we can not sit and consume together today, in the digitised world we live in we can still prepare together and share our meals by having discussions around them. It is essential to keep our spirits alive while we are separated at home and to discover happiness in our every day lives and meals which otherwise can be dull. 

Expertly, this is the hardest time I have actually seen in my life. Like much of us in the hospitality market, I have actually understood the only method to cope is to prepare constantly and to get in touch with good friends and other developers to see how they are coping and how food belongs of this journey. 

I began an Instagram live series called #MorningsWithGoila which is everything about fast kitchen area hacks, one-pot meals, cooking with a couple of fundamental components and talking with fellow chefs, developers and good friends and finding out how they are making their days under lockdown better. 

It has actually been more than 2 weeks under lockdown and the most rooted conversations have actually not had to do with how expensive our plates are or how the food on them looks. The discussions tend to be more like this:  

“Did that plate fill your belly?” 

“I hope you’re not starving.”

“I hope what’s on your plate is satisfying.”

“Do you need my help in some way?”

Isn’t this what life is everything about? To be grateful for what we still have, to have food to fill our tummies and to have our liked ones next to us. We should come out of this not broken however more found out. I would advise you to utilize this time to rewire yourself if you need to, or to take a much-needed time out. Cooking is one method to do simply that. It enables you to get in touch with yourself. 

For people cooking at home, I would state it does not matter if you are a first- time cook or a professional, food has actually constantly been a requirement however when you start cooking to share meals with your neighborhood, it can be like music or mediation, depending on the event. There is a specific love in cooking easy earthy meals. I have actually been dispensing a great deal of non-fussy, one-pot meals at home – whatever from a basic  dal khichdi to a  rajgira sheera, made from the seeds of the amaranth plant. 

Food advises me of what is great with this world and it has the power to bring memories in abowl There is a great deal of fond memories specifically when you are cooking at home or following dishes that advise you of home. 

Here is a easy and fast dish of rajgira sheera (a dessert made from amaranth milk, sugar, and flour) with ghee-roasted bananas that you can make in 20 minutes when you are yearning a dessert. You can likewise follow this dish with  ragi ( finger millet)  or  atta ( wheat flour). 

I had first prepared rajgira sheera for my sweetheart on her birthday while we were far from home and I might not bake a cake for her or discover one. I handled to work up this dessert with the components readily available to me. 

For an unique touch, I still bear in mind that I moulded the rajgira sheera like a cake and set up the bananas on top like icing!

Saransh’s Rajgira Sheera and Ghee Roasted Bananas [Photo courtesy of Saransh Goila] 

Rajgira Sheera and Ghee Roasted Bananas


1 cup rajgira atta (amaranth flour) – rajgira atta can be replaced with finger millet or wheat flour

2 bananas

& frac14; cup blended and sliced dried nuts and fruits

2 cups milk

& frac12; cup sugar or jaggery + 2 tablespoon sugar

1 tsp cardamom powder

& frac14; cup ghee + 1 tablespoon ghee (clarified butter)


1. Heat & frac14; cup of ghee in a pan and after that add the rajgira atta. Fry on low heat till it turns brown. Ensure you’& rsquo; re stirring the mix continually.

2. When roasted add milk. Bring the milk to a boil and after that simmer it till all the milk is soaked up. 

3. Now add & frac12; a cup of jaggery or sugar and prepare it till the  halwa ( halva) is totally prepared and light brown and it begins to leave ghee.

4. Add 1 tsp of cardamom powder and blend well.

5. Slice the bananas and coat them with 2tbsp of sugar. 

6. Heat 1 tablespoon of ghee in a flat pan and add the dried nuts and fruits, roasting them till they are light brown. Add the sugar-coated bananas and barbecue them on both sides and gently toss them with the dried fruits.

7. Serve the hot rajgira sheera with a topping of ghee roasted bananas and nuts.

Dish thanks to Saransh Goila 

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