Technology Cooler Master is tired of telling moms and dads...

Cooler Master is tired of telling moms and dads their kids aren’t on drugs


we can’t await @nihilistcoolermaster on twitter–.

Goodbye, devoted paste-spreading tool– and hey there, wide-tipped applicator.

Jim Salter

  • This is not how thermal paste must be applied.

  • We’re not entirely sure if Cooler Master is severe about the “parents” angle, however the spade suggestion applicator looks quite manager, to be truthful.

  • For decades, thermal paste instructions have actually told us to use charge card to spread out the paste. You ever tried cleaning that gunk off a charge card? Yuck.

Early today, Cooler Master tweeted a photo of its brand-new spade-tipped thermal substance applicators and captioned it “we didn’t alter the shape of the syringe to make applying thermal paste a lot easier, however because we’re burning out of needing to explain to moms and dads that their kid isn’t using drugs.”

It took the Ars staff a couple of minutes of facing Poe’s Law to find out if they were major or not. On the one hand, the number of parents would actually error thermal compound for a medical syringe? On the other hand … the world’s a huge location, and as just recently as 2015, I required to inform parents en masse that the most common server operating system on the planet isn’t malware, so who knows? However Cooler Master is most likely simply joining the likes of Wendy’s, Denny’s, and Old Spice on Snarky Brand Name Twitter.

What we’re sure of is that the spade-tipped applicator looks a lot more enjoyable to use than the general purpose closed-needle-tip syringe senior techs and lovers have been grappling with for years.

Spreading out the thermal substance manually isn’t always a real requirement– as PC Player advises, a pea-sized blob of compound squeezed directly onto the center of the CPU will be squashed out into the requisite thin paste by the pressure of the heat sink alone. And if you’re a PC tech who swaps out a heatsink or CPU once a day, you’ll master that approach rapidly enough– however many people, even hardware enthusiasts, will not do a heat sink replacement regularly than when every number of years.

We believe Cooler Master’s brand-new applicator looks like a genuine win for individuals who do not feel sure enough of the “blob it and hope” approach.

Listing image by Jyothis/ Jim Salter

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