“Cooperation and development” lowers global economic growth forecasts for 2021

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development has warned of an “uneven” recovery in the global economy, as it lowered its growth forecasts for the world and the United States for 2021 and raised them for Europe. .

Global production is currently expected to grow by 5.7 percent quest’year, in drop from 0.1 percentage point compared to the previous May forecast, the organization confirmed.

It was the last report ofInternational Monetary Fund On the outlook for the global economy, he highlighted the growing gap in the pace of economic recovery between countries in based on the availability of Corona vaccines.

The gap widens between countries that have good levels of vaccination, led by developed countries, and those countries that are still facing an increase in the number of injuries and an increase in deaths, such as some emerging countries.

However, the Fund has warned that even countries that have made progress in vaccination will continue to face the risks of new waves of virus mutants as long as it continues to spread. in other countries.

The International Monetary Fund has kept its global economic growth forecast unchanged from its previous April report, at 6% quest’year, while it increased its growth forecast for next year from 0.5% to 4.9%, supported by the growth expectations of developed countries, led by the United States.

Fund raised its forecast for advanced economies growth by 0.5% questyear at 5.6% and by 0.8% in 2022 at 4.4%.

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