COP26: Biden sends 12 cabinet members, senior officials to UN climate summit

The president sends 12 cabinet members and senior government officials, met including its highest domestic and international climate advisers Gina McCarthy and John Kerry, according to a schedule obtained by CNN.

Biden also plans to attend the conference.

What is COP26?  How could the crucial UN conference prevent? global climate 'catastrophe'

Curry, who is Biden’s special presidential envoy for Climate and has been fascinating in climate diplomacy around the world this past year, will be present for the entire duration of the conference. McCarthy and Biden will do it begin to attend of the conference to highlight what the US is doing to reduce its own greenhouse gas emissions and hit Biden’s Paris Climate Agreement goal of emission reduction 50-52% below 2005 levels by 2030.

In addition to Kerry and McCarthy, the officials present are: Secretary of State Tony Blinken; Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg; Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm; EPA Administrator Michael Regan; Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack; Interior Minister Deb Haaland; Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen; USAID Administrator Samantha Power; NOAA Administrator Rick Spinrad; and WH Office of Science and technology policy director Eric Lander.

“In Glasgow, the United States will show the entire policy of President Biden.of-government approach to tackling the climate crisis,” says a White House official told CNN. “They will show the power” of the whole US government working in key lock-step until reduce emissions and achieving our international climate commitments — and that the countries who take decisive action on climate wants reap the economic and job benefits of the clean energy future.”

The White House official added that US officials will encourage others countries take decisive action to keep 1.5 degrees of global warming at your fingertips, especially because the world is currently on a trajectory to reach 2.7 degrees of global warming without significant emission reductions.

US climate action is on the line as negotiations in Congress reaches feverish climax
The big question is of Biden to COP. will be able to go with concrete commitments from the US. A lot of of the president’s climate agenda depends on Congress, and of it’s possible pass the president is huge budget and climate bill before COP26 starts. Fate of that bill is uncertain, as negotiations between members of Biden’s Own party dragging on with little clarity on an end date.
Some Democratic Senators recently told CNN they are concerned over the question of Congress will be passed critical climate investments for the international meeting.

“That’s a real concern,” Democratic Senator Chris Coons of Delaware told CNN that. “I think it is critical that we are going to Glasgow with the package of President Biden’s proposals moving forward.”

“I am concerned over the question of it’s done at all, and we can’t let that happen,” Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon told CNN. “America Must” lead the world on this.”

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