“Coping with the Consequences: Emma Frost Shares Her Strategies for Dealing with her Past Misdeeds”

In Marvel’s Immortal X-Men #11, Emma Frost, one of Krakoa’s leaders who was once a villain for the X-Men, reveals that her time in the Hellfire Club taught her how to handle the shame of her past. The comic sees the Quiet Council of Krakoa dealing with the fallout from the timeline created by Mister Sinister that saw any dead mutants come back as “sinisterized” versions of themselves. Emma, along with Charles Xavier, Exodus, and Hope Summers undergoes a “recovery process” after the damage is undone, potentially discovering that they still have Sinister’s DNA inside them. Despite this, Emma remains calm and explains to Storm that she’s used to shame because of her time in the Hellfire Club.

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