Corona attacks the Arab Cup – Al-Madina newspaper

Yesterday in Doha it was announced that the players of two teams participating in the Arab Cup in Doha were infected, the Jordanian team lost the efforts of its player Anas Al-Awad in the Arab Cup tournament held in Qatar, after being infected with the Corona virus.

And the Jordanian Federation wrote in a statement on his official website that his Iraqi coach, Adnan Hamad, has decided to “call player Muhammad Abu Zureik” Sharara ” in replacement of Anas Al-Awad, who presented himself for medical examinations at his residence in Doha, who was infected with Corona “to confirm his absence from the Arab Cup”.

The Tunisian team participating in the tournament also announced that its right-back, Hamza Mathlouthi, has contracted the Corona virus, and the Tunisian Federation has declared in a statement: “I test against the Covid 19 virus, conducted by elements of the Tunisian delegation, which tested negative, except for the analysis of the player Hamza Mathlouthi, which was positive “.

The union added that 29-year-old Mathlouthi “has been isolated from the group since last night to stay in one of the Doha specialist clinics until he underwent a second analysis 48 hours later, knowing that his previous tests were all negative. “

The Federation revealed that Mathlouthi, the Egyptian Zamalek player, “like all the players and all the members of the delegation, had previously been vaccinated against the Corona virus”.

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