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Corona forces Johnson to visit in Cancel India


The official visit of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in India in late April was due to the outbreak of the epidemic in canceled in this country, his office announced on Monday.

“Given the current situation in Regarding coronavirus, Prime Minister Boris Johnson won’t be next week in be able to visit India, “said Downing Street in an explanation.

Instead, the conservative leader “gets later.” in this month “to speak with his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi about their” ambitious plans for a future UK-India partnership “.

“After that, they stay regular in Contact us and look forward to a face-to-face meeting later this year, “added the same source.

Johnson was due to visit India in January for his first major overseas visit since taking office in July 2019. The visit was, however, in the wake of the worsening Covid-19 crisis in UK postponed, die now results from blocking measures.

The visit, which was to take place shortly after Great Britain left the customs union and the European single market, was aimed at die “Strengthening the trade and climate partnership” with India.

Johnson invited India to host the G7 summit to be hosted next year by Great Britain along with South Korea and Australia.

In 2021 it will be Great Britain in Glasgow (Scotland) too die Organize the climate conference “Cup 26” organized by the United Nations.

On Monday, India recorded a record number of new infections with 273,810 injuries within 24 hours, exceeding it for the fifth time in episode die 200,000 mark.

In the capital New Delhi, the hardest hit city in the country with 1.3 billion inhabitants, decided die Authorities to lock up 20 million people for a week from Monday evening to contain the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic and ease pressure on hospitals.

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