Corona is pursuing them … um die Indian delegation in isolate the G7

While India has a record number of corona injuries, its delegation was, die at the group of seven in London participated, even outside of their home country, not safe from infection with the virus, since die British government confirmed that two of them were infected and die entire delegation was isolated.

Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanian Jaishankar announced that he will attend the meetings remotely, though die Tests did not show his injury.

The meetings of the G7 foreign ministers started yesterday in London face to face for the first time in two years in preparation for next month’s summit of leaders in south-west England.

The Group of Seven discussed a number of hot topics, including die Fighting the pandemic, die fair distribution of vaccines between countries, die Discuss help for die most vulnerable countries in the world and die Importance of the United Nations-supported Kovacs program for vaccine exchange in poorer countries.

Record deaths

It is noteworthy that India in the past twenty-four hours in Corona recorded record deaths, equivalent to 3780 deaths one day after die Total number of cases in the country die Exceeded 20 million and was the second country to hit that number after the United States.

The Indian Ministry of Health data also showed that die The number of daily injuries has risen to 382,315 today. The government estimates that infections will peak today, a few days earlier than expected, as the virus is spreading faster.

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